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What is Kentucky Youth M.O.V.E.?
Kentucky Youth M.O.V.E. (Motivating Others through Voices of Experience) or KYM is a state chapter of Youth M.O.V.E. National. It is a youth-led movement that connects youth from across the state of Kentucky who have lived experiences in the behavioral health system. We support youth in becoming leaders and using their voices for change!
KYM's Mission
Kentucky Youth M.O.V.E. will provide advocacy and training. share their lived experiences with others, help to create a youth-guided peer to peer network, partner with other organizations to help them understand youth behavioral health challenges, and create a culturally competent youth led system of care.
KYM's Vision
Kentucky Youth M.O.V.E. will create a statewide network to help all youth entering a youth serving system to reach their fullest potential, be empowered, persevere, share their voice and be self-sufficient in living a life without stigma.

Join Kentucky Youth M.O.V.E.

To be a member of KYM, you must be 14 to 26 years old and have a behavioral health diagnosis. You must also wish to positively impact the experiences of other young people with behavioral health challenges in Kentucky.

When does the KYM Council meet?

The KYM Council meets four to five times a year to work on their focus areas. Meetings are usually in Frankfort, KY. Mileage reimbursement is given for members to attend meetings.

Youth Peer Support is a service that is provided by young people ages 18-35 who have lived experiences receiving mental health services, child welfare or juvenile justice involvement, and who are willing and prepared to use their experience to support others.

The State Interagency Council for Services and Supports to Children and Transition-age Youth (SIAC) is a multiple agency council mandated by state law with the goal of developing services and supports for children and transition-age youth with or at risk of developing behavioral health needs and their families. SIAC is made up of state agencies that provide services to children and transition-age youth and their families, a parent representative, a youth representative, and a family organization.

Regional Interagency Councils (RIACs) operate as the regional locus of accountability for the system of care, providing a structure for coordination, planning, and collaboration of services and supports to children and transition-age youth with or at risk of developing behavioral health needs and other challenges, and their families.